Katana DV20The Katana DV20 is a two seat light aircraft.  Due to its build quality and reliability it is one of our preferred choice for a great time of instruction.  A trial lesson entitles one person to the flight.  There is no extra charge for this but there maybe weight constraints. The Katana DV20 is used by AndréTesson Aero Club for flying lessons to train pilots for their PPL or LAPL and a trial lesson counts towards the training required to gain either of these licences.

All lessons begin with a briefing with your flying Instructor who will explain the principles of flight and how the aircraft works.  You will get the opportunity to fly the plane yourself and experience the feeling of piloting a light aircraft.  During the lesson the instructor will explain and demonstrate various manoeuvres giving you the chance to have a go at climbing, descending, straight and level flight and turning left and right.  At the end of the lesson you will receive a Certificate of Achievement and be able to chat to your Instructor should you want any advice about taking your flying ambitions forward.

Katana DV20

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