Light Aircraft Pilot’s Licence:

So you’ve decided to learn to fly – but which is the right licence for you?

EASA PPL; EASA LAPL, confused? Don’t worry – we can help you through the maze! And here at André Tesson, we can offer you which ever you choose!

First of all – what do you want to be able to do? If you’re heading for a career in aviation and you want to become a commercial pilot – the decision is easy. The EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) Private Pilots Licence (PPL) is the one for you. then CPL or ATPL are the next steps.

If you want to join the thousands of pilots who just want to enjoy flying as a hobby – taking friends and family around the country, then you have a choice between the EASA PPL and the new EASA Light Aircraft Pilots Licence (LAPL).

So let’s compare and contrast the PPL and the LAPL – then you can make your decision.

Light Aircraft Pilots Licence
Private Pilots Licence

Initial Cost

The LAPL is a less expensive option because the minimum number of hours required is lower. Our courses start from as little as € 3600(+membership) = 30hx120 (Katana aircraft)
The minimum number of hours for a PPL is 45 hours. Our courses start at € 5400(+membership). = 45hx120 (Katana aircraft)

You only have to pay when you fly! So no need to pay at once. If really motivated you can get your llicence in 6 months or within a few years if your budget is limited.


A LAPL has a minimum time requirement of just 30 hours flying instruction, so that you should be able to achieve your licence easily within one year, or much sooner depending on the time that you have to devote to lessons and study.
The minimum time for a PPL is 45 hours of flying instruction, so with one or two lessons a week, you should be able to achieve your licence within twelve months, although intensive courses are available

What you will learn

A LAPL is just as safe a plot as a PPL! You will have to be able to demonstrate similar competences and to achieve a high level of skill to make you a safe and competent pilot. Our structured LAP course follows a set syllabus at your pace. Our ground school programme, tailored to your progress through your LAPL Flight training and will help you to pass the necessary exams first time around

The exams are the same as those for the PPL course.
Ground exams include: Air Law ,Human Performance, Meteorology, Communications, Operational Procedures, Principles of Flight, Flight Performance and Planning, Aircraft General Knowledge, Navigation.

We offer ground school sessions linked to your progress through your LAPL Training or PPL course, to help you to learn at your own pace.


The LAPL entitles the pilot to fly aircraft up to 2000kg and up to three passenger on private (non commercial) flights in visual flight regulations conditions, and at night with the additional of a night rating.
An EASA PPL pilot enjoys the same privileges, the main difference being that ratings can be added to an EASA PPL that are not available to a LAPL, for example, an Instrument Rating


The medical requirements for a LAPL are not as demanding as those of the PPL requiring a medical that can be conducted by your GP who will issue a Part-Med LAPL medical certificate
Needs medical examination by a DGAC Approved Medical Examiner

Additional information

A LAPL can be upgraded to an EASA PPL
An EASA PPL is the foundation for progression further qualifications such as flying instructor, Instrument rating or Commercial pilot


Both licences are lifetime licences and have similar currency requirements

So – if the LAPL course is for you – check out our prices. We are proud to be amongst the first few training organisations in the UK approved to offer this course. We have a highly skilled team of trainers, some great aircraft to fly and unrestricted airspace in which to learn your LAPL skills. We’re not just a flying school – we’re a flying club so you get the support of other students and qualified pilots too. Once you achieve your licence, you can hire club aircraft to enjoy your new skills.

Whichever you choose – LAPL or PPL – André Tesson Aero Club is the place for you to take to the skies.


  • - 1er solo flight : 16 years old ; Fly Flight test : 17 years old ; Lifetime licence, rolling 24 month validity. ;
  • - Certificat médical de classe LAPL (médecin agréé, 5 ans avant 40 ans, 2 ans après 40 ans)
  • - Renew: 12 h of flight in the previous 24 months and one hour training with a Flight Instructor;
  • - Renouvellement : Test avec un examinateur (FE) ou effectuer sous supervision d’un FI le complément de vol permettant d’avoir 12 heures de vol dans les 24 derniers mois et avoir effectué au moins 12 décollages et 12 atterrissages ;
  • - Non commercial use in France and in 28 Europe countries, with linguage skills conditions ;
  • - PIC without passengers until 10 hrs PIC since licence issue has been gained, then PIC with passengers on single engined landplanes or TMGs of up to 2000kg with max 4 PoB (incl. pilot) (28 countries + Swiss + additional countires according to bilateral agreements). 
  • - Restricted to single engine landplanes aircraft (non-complex aircraft) or TMG (touring motor glider);
  • - Possible additional qualifications ;

NO IFR (Flight instrument rules) extension and no OACI licence conversion.



  • - 1er solo flight : 16 years old ; Fly Flight test : 17 years old ; Lifetime licence, rolling 4 years validity. ;
  • - All single engine aircrafts. de la classe SEP (some specific extension could be required with complex aircrafts or variants) ;
  • - Passengers with no limit ;
  • - Mutual recognition with OACI countries.
  • - Holders of PPL (A) are to act without remuneration as PIC or co-pilot on aeroplanes or TMGS engaged in non-commercial operations. Notwithstanding the paragraph above, the holder of a PPL(A) with instructor or
    examiner privileges may receive remuneration for:
    (1) the provision of flight instruction for the LAPL(A) or PPL(A);
    (2) the conduct of skill tests and proficiency checks for these licences;
    (3) the ratings and certificates attached to these licences.
  • - International : possible when local language skills are proven. An english exam is highly recommended: FCL 0.55.
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