A Discovery Flight is an introduction to the world of aviation, a chance to find out how amazing it feels to fly an aircraft, and an opportunity for you to find out more about the process of flight training. It is a 30mn flight maximum, from take off to land. Rolling on the runways should be included.

We try to accommodate one or two passengers in the back of the plane if required, but there maybe weight constraints.  Piper PA28 is used by our members for traveling long range distances. When a discovery flight is required for only one person, other aircraft could be chosen such as Katana DV20.

You can book a Discovery Flight for any time that works with your schedule. We'll book you a time slot of 0.5 hours with one of our highly trained and qualified flight pilots. The cost of your Discovery Flight is:

80€ for 1 person - The DV20 Katana is to welcome for this flight

140€ for 2 persons - PA28 is certainly a nice aircraft for this local flight.

180€ for 3 persons - PA28 is certainly a nice aircraft for this local flight.

When you arrive for your Discovery Flight, you'll check in at our Dispatch desk, and then meet your instructor. You'll get a tour of our training facility and a look behind the scenes at the pre-flight procedures before heading out to the aircraft.  

Photos are welcome and encouraged! so bring your camera. You'll enjoy a scenic flight around the local area and see Versailles like you've never seen it before!


PA 28 - Piper Aircraft

After a quick safety briefing, you'll be ready to take to the skies! With a headset borrowed from our office, you'll be able to hear the pilot as he/she speaks with Air Traffic Controllers, and you'll be able to communicate with the pilot as well. Please feel free to ask questions and learn all you can!

When your flight is over, check in back at the office to find out more about becoming a member of the André Tesson Flying Club.

We hope you enjoy your Discovery Flight and we look forward to helping you discover the joy of flight!

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